Loading funds to Haslle is simple - just do a SEPA transfer to your company dedicated IBAN or authorize direct debit from your bank

Go to  Accounts you will see all your connected IBANs there. Click on Haslle Account and use the bank details to transfer money to your Haslle account.  If you have an Enterprise plan and you connected your local bank via APIs, you will see your local bank account details. You can load funds buy clicking Top up and authorizing the transaction.



You can also see your spending per each vendor used. If you need to filter by Labels, you can set it up settings.

Your Actual Budget is the active amount of cash deployed. Basically this is the amount actually approved for spending for the period.

Your Planned Budget is the amount the you planned to spent for the period. Look at it as a benchmark to compare with. We will notify you when your Actual Budget goes beyond what you planned so you can stay on top of your company finances.