Once card or bank payment is completed, you can see it in the payments screen. You can easily change or add new payment data to one or several payments.

Go to Payments and select one or several transactions you would like to a review. Click Review details

You can add 

- VAT %

- Vendor 

- Spending Type: Expense, Team Expense, Benefit, Salary etc. (can be customized according to your company needs)

- Spending Category (List is customizable in Settings -> Category Management)

- Labels (List is Customizable in Settings -> Label Management

- List of Approval (Once the purchase is approved you can link it here if it's in the same spending category and within the approved amount). You can link several payments to one approval if they are within the approve amount

-Purchase Name

- Transaction Rating

- Payment Details

- Attachments



Once you're done reviewing, Click Mark as Reviewed -> Save Changes  to mark the payment as ready for Export